Sheet metal fabrication


A craft to be proud of!

Sheet metal workers are found in all sectors of construction - residential, industrial, commercial and institutional. It is one of the few modern trades where workers fabricate as well as install their product.

The term "sheet metal worker" can apply to a number of roles, for example:

  • Siding and Lagging - Sheet metal siders can often be found on large industrial job sites doing a variety of tasks. Jobs include covering structural steel framing, tanks, vessels and other forms with metal cladding or jacketing. Siders and laggers also fabricate and install flashing, louvers, along with many other metal products in plants such as gas, chemical, power, etc.
  • Roofing - Sheet metal roofers can be found installing flat roof systems and siding systems as well as flashing and roof drainage systems. Roofers also fabricate and install architectural roofing and siding products that enhance the finished appearance of the structure.
  • Ventilation - Environmental systems for heating and cooling include various types of ventilation components fabricated and installed by sheet metal workers.

  • What does a sheet metal worker do?